Bollington is a wonderful community flanked by picturesque countryside. But even those who live in such beautiful surroundings are prone to stress, chronic aches and pains, lethargy, low mood or anxiety. Or perhaps there’s an emptiness or dissatisfaction with life in general which can’t easily be explained. 


Mother Nature Sanctuary, a mind, body and health centre, was established to offer solutions to these problems. When symptoms are seen in isolation the remedies we use rarely produce lasting results. Our mind and body are connected and that’s why a more holistic approach is needed for overall well-being.


Founded by Siobhan Alexander, a former event manager and then retrained as a holistic therapist in 2008.

Mother Nature Sanctuary offers a wide range of treatments, activities and events to help people find more balance and fulfilment in their lives. These include everything from massage, yoga and mindfulness to classes on karate, personal confidence and relationship-building. 


Whether you’re a young mother or a baby-boomer, a stressed executive or an aching athlete, there’s something for you at Mother Nature Sanctuary. 

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